Welcome to the Antique Automobile Club, the San Diego Region’s foremost car club.

Since the beginning there has been something about the sight, sound, and feel of the automobile that stirs the imagination and the desire to experience the freedom of the open road. Whether it’s the clatter of the single cylinder brass era car or the heavy thumping of big block Detroit musclecars that fuels the addiction, we’ve all got a common interest. Classic and vintage cars, trucks, buses, and motorcycles are what this car club is about.

We’re glad you found our group. Stay and “nose” around our website. We have something for everyone. You don’t have to own a vehicle or know how to turn a wrench. You can be involved at any level you wish. Whether it’s joining our social events, going on driving tours with our group or just being a part of the San Diego car club scene, the possibilities are endless.

So, spend time with us and others sharing your automotive interests. Join up, it costs less than the price of a tank of gas and lasts all year. And check out our San Diego Regions AACA to find our why we think it is the foremost car club in the area. It’s about the cars, people and getting out  behind the wheel. We know you’re going to love the ride.

“The Foot Warmer” club newsletter for May 2024 is now available. See it for reports and photos of recent club activities and upcoming 2024 events that you will be interested in.

Many thanks to John Boyd for creating and editing this fine newsletter.  Click HERE to view The Foot Warmer.

Car Shows and Club Events

The season is warming up for getting out with your car for some fun upcoming events. Keep posted with us to find out what’s going on.

See the pull down menu at the top of the page or click here events listed in the newsletter:  2024 events

The SAN DIEGO REGION ANTIQUE AUTOMOBILE CLUB OF AMERICA is now a Facebook Group.  Check it out, and join the group to be able to share your car photos and comments with others in the group and be up to date on club activities. 

MEETINGS – First Monday of Each Month 6:30 p.m. Social – 7:00 p.m. Meeting JOYCE BEERS COMMUNITY CENTER In Hillcrest at 3900 Vermont St. Take University Ave, turn north onto Vermont between 10th and Richmond. Parking is available in the area behind Ralph’s Grocery and on the adjacent streets.